Nutrition News

After much thought and feedback from our most beloved critics (aka our customers!) we are announcing some exciting and healthy changes coming soon to Protein Bakery products. To start, let's be honest. We are and have always been a bakery! We wear that badge with pride. Our mission is to make sweet treats that taste just like mom, grandma, or whomever the baker was in your family used to make. We take that recipe and combine it with the real need for balance in our dietary lives. To do this, we've added all natural ingredients your body needs to grow, while keeping blood sugar spikes at a minimum. There are plenty of Protein Bars out there that may have less sugar, carbs and fat...with a taste to match. We don't know about you, but chewing cardboard is not our thing. At Protein Bakery, we don't believe in sacrificing taste, but also don't believe a brownie needs to be 500 calories to taste good. Even with this, what we've heard is "MORE PROTEIN! MORE FIBER!" We hear you loud and clear. In the coming months, we will be adding more protein and fiber to all PB products while keeping the taste you love. We will also be introducing a "healthier option" line that will have less fat, sugar and calories in 2014.

We've also heard you when it comes to our serving size. We love being generous; it's in our nature. But at 3.0 oz of rich protein goodness, we understand for most people that's a lot!  Our serving size has always reflected a single serving. This is because when we first started in 1999, the bulk of our customers were athletes and body builders. This was long before the days of Protein cereals and breakfast bars!  For athletes, the daily caloric content needed to maintain a built physique is much more than what the average person consumes daily. Our serving size was a reflection of the need at the time. Times have certainly changed. People are more in tune with their dietary needs and pay much closer attention to their daily intake. So, in order to give better more comprehensive nutritional information, we are now dividing each brownie and blondie into two serving sizes per 3.0oz pack. This way if you want to enjoy half your treat now and half later, you know exactly what your body’s intake is. If you're lacking in the willpower department, and cant save the other half? Don't worry! We now have The Protein Bakery mini's, which are calculated on as 1 serving per 1 oz pack (available online only, soon to be available for wholesale)!

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