A Life Audit

This will be the year of getting all of my ducks, I mean, baked goods in a row. I am so grateful The Protein Bakery had such growth in 2013. We built the Sweet Spot, perfected all of our recipes to be more nutritious than ever, added new flavors, created a media test kitchen, expanded our corporate office, and holy English empire—our bakery is now for sale in the UK! With all of that expansion in one year, I want to make sure I keep the business on track. I plan on spending 2014 making sure all of my T's are crossed and my I's have been dotted so that we can sail smartly into the next five years (and beyond).

I'm also doing this personally, to take stock of what's really important in my life. No matter how busy I am at work, I need my friends and family. Many are not in the city. So I'm going to make time for them. Those one-on-one moments matter to me.

Also, I need to step away from the bakery in order to gain a better perspective. I thrive on inspiration in the smallest details. And I need new details! But...I won't leave without a healthy cookie brownie or blondie in hand. My passion needs refueling wherever I go. In an age where you can be anywhere in under a minute online, I'm making the personal choice to actually connect more in person. I know the experience of opening my eyes to new worlds will affect the bakery in many ways. The possibilities seem endless. I look forward to all the surprises. As they say life is full of 'em.

So here's to you finding great adventures in your own life and bringing them to the forefront. May the new year inspire you to focus on what makes you happy. It sure beats losing track of time only to be filled with regret, right? Who knows, maybe you and I will cross paths as we journey forward. I hope so.

Stephen Charles Lincoln