Show Us Your Muscle

My big idea is YOU!

Here’s to CREATIVITY!! (Everyone, raise your glass of imagination.)

Back in my early 20's, I created a company called Stephen Charles Productions. We did photo shoots, fun runway shows, mannequin modeling in shopping malls and anything else that we thought was art. This is when Steven Meisel was changing fashion, Herb Ritts was changing photography, and MTV was actually showing music videos. I couldn't wait to take my sense of style out onto the big stage of life. As big as the world was, it seemed like you could express yourself and get noticed. (Well, living in San Francisco made me feel that even my heart was staying, my dreams surely were not.)

The energy of the country was so different back then. We put pins on our fashion, not our Pinterest boards. People watched tv...on a tv. We walked down the street making eye contact, since our hands were not engaged in an emoticon communique. One’s imagination was able to focus on endless possibilities...without Google alert interruptions.

I believe then, as I do now, that everyone is a model in their own right. Everyone is a wellspring of inspiration. You don't need to be the featured in a magazine. You don't have to be famous. You simply need to feel beautiful on the inside. The body is very telepathic in that it truly will reveal "you" on the outside. Bring your heart forward and shine, because that’s what connect us—our humanity and how we express it.

People continue to fascinate me. I love seeing how other minds think. That energizes and excites me. And that is how and why I came up with the bakery's next big "thing"!

I'm thrilled to announce our "SHOW US YOUR MUSCLE" contest. This contest insists on people's creativity— how do you celebrate healthier eating, fitness and fun? Show us! Not just a simple selfie processed through some Instagram filter, but something that's distinctly you. That's what I'm looking for. Set your mind free! Include your family, use your friends or dog or your photoshop skills. The more wild the submissions we get, the better...and everyone has a possibility of winning at any time. My idea is to have this contest run year-round. 

The winners will get the bakery's full attention. Not only will they get a big box of The Protein Bakery's great goodness, but we'll feature your artistic endeavor on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and also on our website. After that...who knows? I love not knowing all the directions people will explore. I'm just so glad to finally take this journey with all our supportive enthusiastic bakery fans.

As for the rules? No rules, just have fun! (And the other particulars are posted on our website.) Send all your submissions to with the subject "Show Us Your Muscle Contest". Include your name, address, phone number and anything you want me to know. You'll get a confirmation that it's been received. You can also tweet them using the hashtag #showusyourmuscle or #proteinbakery.If chosen, you will be contacted by ME! Your newest admirer.

Now get cookin'!

Stephen Charles Lincoln