Taking an Enjoy Ride

The whole reason I moved to New York in 1996, was to be on Broadway. No... to STAR on Broadway. I had no idea that within three years my focus would shift so dramatically. But, so it did. The path I walked lead me to the footlights of fitness. And I am truly grateful for where its taken me—creating a unique niche bakery that offers smart healthy snacks and also supports people's well-being beyond a just dessert. I am forever aware that living in the moment is the best place to be. Which is why I appreciate where I am.

My interests and passions remain an important part of me, new and old. So, when I recently got an opportunity to flex my acting muscle—what else? I jumped at the chance. Over 15 years had passed since I last performed in an off-Broadway show called "Casualties Of Love." But the stars (my friends) aligned and the result was a reading at the Protein Bakery studio. The original cast, plus one very talented replacement came together for some bubbly, bakery bites, and good old-fashioned acting skills. And it was so rewarding.

Not only had we all matured in that time, but, in our eyes, so had the script. We had no idea what we were talking about back then! The words were packed with more depth than we could appreciate. Saying those lines with a new sensibility and a new maturity brought a fresh new dynamic to all the relationships. The big issues were bigger and the nuances more...nuanced. It got my heart racing as much as a 30-minute treadmill run.

And it brought me to this realization—there is no time like the present to do what brings you joy. I know! I know. It sounds simple, but doesn't it always? Just ask Dorothy. She spent 90 minutes looking for the Emerald City only to learn there's no place like home.

To me, the world we live in now is all about doing more for more's sake, updating for updating's sake, keeping up for fear we'll miss out. I feel that is where the problem is— we too easily surrender that personal time to do what makes us happy. Better we should stay busy being "current." But one's personal time is precious—finding/exploring our interests and passions has value.

So here is my (passionate, of course) call to action! Make an effort to add in something you used to love to do that brings you joy. If you used to write in your journal or restore old furniture or make cookies, brownies and blondies—carve out some real time and DO IT!! And do it now.... it's important. It doesn't have to be for anyone else but you. You're the reward. Because I am telling you, fresh from my scenic night, that feeling is priceless. Powerful and priceless.

...There's no place like feeding the soul.

I have no idea where my table read is going to end up. My hope is it has a run in a small off-Broadway theater. Because I will always love to dream. Big. In all aspects of life. That's what that evening reminded me—I want to keep adding passion. It keeps me on my toes. So much so, I feel lighter than air. Defying gravity in as many ways as I can is my kind of cardio.

Thank goodness I have a bakery that supplies me with unlimited protein packed baked goods to keep up my strength.

Stephen Charles Lincoln