Total Turn On

So glad to be back here to say hello again.

This is the time of year when we plan where to spend the holidays and with whom. Is it family, friends, or a healthy dash of both? Frankly, I can barely believe Fall is stepping aside for Winter—so I can't even answer the question for myself! Speaking of family, I wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude for my newest members. The one that supports my bakery both here and in the UK—you guys, my blog fam. The amount of love and positive energy that has come from you over the years has been humbling to say the least. Thank you all so much!

This bakery continues to be a constant source of personal growth and surprise.  It has made me braver and has given me purpose, not just with how I choose to run my business, but also how I choose to run my life. It keeps me focused on making a difference on a variety of levels. You all help me to do that with your enthusiasm, your passion, and your incredible spirit.

I've never had so much direct feedback as I do with the bakery's social media. Your input feeds my soul in new ways. After having worked so hard to start "my own" company and run "my own" gym classes, your company really is what I crave now. I like the dialog we share. After all, I wanted to create a smart snack for everyone. And knowing that the connection is open, I just have to say I appreciate it every day. I never take it or you for granted.

It's thrilling to me that you order this snack idea I came up with online! For 15 years, that sensation never gets old. Now that "being online" means more than just visiting our website— you have chosen to follow our other fresh-baked news on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and now SoundCloud sites. Of course, those outlets continue to evolve too, which is why I want to remind you to check your Facebook settings—as I've discovered just "Liking" us does not mean you will see our news in your newsfeed. (What!? More changes from Facebook? Move aside death and taxes, there's a new certainty in town.) So, for those of you who want our social loops to align, please make sure that your favorite companies, including ours, has its "Get Notifications" preference checked. Simply hover over the "Like" button and make sure "get notifications" is checked. Otherwise? Otherwise you'll miss knowing when our seasonal Pumpkin flavors are back (which they are) as are our Peanut Butter Blondies, full-time. Plus stay on top of all our newest locations and bakery events you can participate in. 

We love your feedback and we need it. That's why I wanted to take a moment to explain Facebook's profile set-up. Because without you, there would be no customer relations! Good, bad, or from the desk of "just something I need to share with Stephen"— we are here...and hear, including what you are doing for this holiday season? Let us know—post a picture or a message or a recipe. What are you up to? Let's share the bakery real estate. We hope all our social media pages serve as great escapes as you and I both zig zag through the holiday hoopla. 

Stephen Charles Lincoln