What A Wonderful Whirled!

Established back in 1999, The Protein Bakery was one of the first internet bakeries. From that first order outside of NYC — I always hoped the bakery would be delivered to doorsteps around the world. And while I was wishing, that those orders  would arrive within the hour. I wanted and still want our snacks to be every smart sweet tooth's 911 call. If only it were a small world after all….

Since then our shipments have traveled to all 50 states and into the UK, which is amazing progress. But our company's fan reach has expanded through social media, so I receive emails weekly from all over the world, asking when (not, if) we can ship their fave flavours to them on a regular basis. (This hope of mine is apparently not only mine.)

It was time to ask my web masters to push the boundaries. To see if it was possible to make it that small world after all. The project was no small feat. With shipping rates and customs and complex internet codes for our site and well, there was little sweet in their endless research, testing and prep. But at last, I am absolutely thrilled to announce we finally have sweet success! A smart and affordable system to get our guiltless goodness...around the globe! (This is my kind of borderline, Madonna. None at all.)

I couldn't wait to get the word out. So our social media team took the news directly to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And have heard nothing but support from all our fans while we work out the last dotted i’s and crossed t’s. What a huge milestone — from my bakery’s Chelsea apartment start to soon being on the minds and in the hands of people in Miami, Madrid and Mumbai.

But NYC will always always have my heart. It’s important to me to keep our presence here special. Be it with other local businesses, supporting our neighbourhood or participating in special events. Recently, we were invited to become part of an innovative new concept with sweets, at the ground level. Another way to deliver our bakery best fast, direct and super fresh. Right up my alley. The company, Sweetist, may make my dream become a little more true in Manhattan. They deliver dessert-on-demand, within a few hours of an order. So if you're at home or in your office and suddenly realize you want Protein Bakery asap, asap it shall be! Catering an unexpected occasion or an unexpected craving? We got that! They have been great to work with and the concept seems perfect for this city’s frenetic pace. 

What I love about formulating the specifics of the premise and hammering out the details etc... is the power of small businesses working together. Creating something with a solid intention. Something tangible to show for it. The most important facet being another happy customer.

Because of our latest focus — spreading the health, here and well, everywhere — I have met some great new people and have strengthened my relationships with my staff. My respect for what they’re able to do has never been higher. I'm so grateful for all the energy poured into these new ventures. And how fun and how satisfying! to no longer imagine my fresh-baked snacks will now see the world and see a city street address in a New York minute. We'll take it all one order at a time and do the best we can so that everyone around the world can enjoy a fresh-baked cookie brownie, blondie or mini. #proteinrevolution

Stephen Charles Lincoln