Yeah, yeah...put it in writing

"It's not business, it's personal"—yes! At last I get it. Launching our new website isn't just to upgrade the bakery's business, it also means I have a place where I can speak more personally. (Do I or do I not say life is all about balance?) And even though space in Manhattan is at a premium...well, I know I can use this real estate wisely. I am an avid collector, you see, of ideas and imagery great and small. And, no surprise, of my own thoughts. If you step into my apartment, you'd immediately see how diverse my interests are—be it music, what's on my chalkboard wall, fashion books or matchbooks from all my travels. I can shift from chocolate chips to paint chips in no time (it's not my cardio, but it is a blog entry for another day).

So here is where I will take time to collect my thoughts...and then let them go. Whenever I feel like it. It's a refuge from all the structure I require in my professional life. ...And in my adult life, which, no surprise, is a struggle for me to keep my focus especially as my business continues to grow and grow in new directions. It's ironic, because I like things tidy. Really tidy. (My office is the poster child for how to organize what fits on the head of a pin.) See? I am one to face weakness and figure out how to conquer it. Ideally, it can even be color-coordinated.

...On the flip side, it's also a struggle for me to leave loose ends, to not indulge my need to tie events or thoughts all together into a neat and perfect bow. This blog will provide some (needed) balance, to jump from Madonna to meditation to making sure I get home and walk my dogs, Elphaba and Salty Pretzel. Go random or go home. I want these entries to be the "brief essays" I wish my English teachers would've assigned. Proust? I mean, really. Let me reflect on the news that Greta Garbo did Pilates. Before there was Fonda, there was Garbo!

And speaking of jumping around, it wouldn't be right for me to sign off of my inaugural entry without mentioning someone whose ideas about living a rich life and creating a personal lifestyle still remains an inspiration to me. I am speaking of Martha Stewart (even our logo is a touchstone to her sense of style). I love the notion of "learning something new everyday". I like that it's humbling, I like that it's hopeful, and I like that it guarantees unexpected surprises. And because I like it— I know that it's possible. I am one (determined) optimistic.

Evolve. Adapt. Update. Transform. Yep, that covers my 4 stages of waking life. And baking life. Now with blog entries I hope what I have to say speaks to you. Please stop in—you're always welcome here.

Stephen Charles Lincoln