My Chew

While I love my time at the bakery, my life outside the bakery provides an entirely different set of challenges and rewards. This includes my home, my two ever-loving sidekicks (my dogs), art in all forms (especially Madonna's), and for the last 19 years I've also been a fitness instructor. Almost all that time was spent as the National Fitness Director to a very well-known fitness chain, here in New York City. I've taught thousands of classes across the country and watched countless people transform themselves from uninspired to enthusiastic. From neon headbands (I had one, don't judge) and leg-warmers to yoga mats and smartphone sign-in's, I've seen fitness itself transform from a "fad" to a way of life and lifestyle. I'm sure many of you remember when, not so long ago, the thought of questioning what's in your food or how it got to your plate was a subject with few takers. I certainly admit, though my parents loved me dearly, when I was growing up we weren't concerned with fillers, preservatives, fat or trans-fat. But today? Dissecting nutrition labels is second-nature to us.

I guess that's where my own tug-of war with food started. Home. I LOVE food. I'm a proud Italian and food is a huge part of my culture. I also happen to come from a family that is not shy when it comes to the generosity of food and community. All my friends growing up knew, if you were coming to my house for dinner, you'd better come with an empty stomach. To not do so was to risk missing out on whatever salty, sweet, creamy, spicy, yummy, palette-pleasing deliciousness would next be heaped on your plate! Also— I have a sweet tooth, no—actually, I have sweet TEETH (is that a thing?). Rarely have I met a cake or pie I could not find some common ground with. I'm sure you can imagine how these two loves and naturally being a big guy (I'm 6'3) could set me up for a long battle. To manage a balance of what I love and what is good for me. I don't believe in punishing all your hard work at the gym, yoga studio or whatever you do to keep yourself motivated and healthy, by sacrificing taste. What I do believe in is balance. So often in our lives we are bombarded by messages that stress the importance of finding balance and bombarding us with a variety of options. No matter what your personal angle for achieving that goal is, we all strive for ways to feel more centered. For my part, I believe it starts with what's on your plate and what's fueling your body through the day.

They say knowledge is power. I'm excited to share my knowledge, professional and personal experiences, tips and goals with you. All as ways to discover a balanced and healthy life for all of us. (I too am a work...and a workout in progress.) That said, I'm also chatty by nature. So I ask for, your questions, concerns, thoughts, jokes or any other feedback. Just remember, this is a family show!

Stephen Charles Lincoln