Pop and Circumstance

To the fathers out there—wait....allow me to clarify. Just because you're not someone's biological dad, please don't think this blog entry has nothing to say to you. I too am not someone's biological dad, yet I totally feel like a father figure to many people (and even some pets). So bear with me. Yes, even you women folk. I think we all have a little Pop to give.

I've discovered the connection between myself and those I care about is a complex one. If it isn't, then I'm not doing it right. I am not "all in." No matter the connection, my whole heart has gotta be "in" (and I have a big heart). It drives my desire to inspire and support, to show my love in such a way that you feel you have your own personal cheerleader. Or "advocate"— if high school brings back less than desirable memories for you.... That feels very fatherly to me.

In my office life, it's very important to me that my staff knows that I know they are people too with special stories of their own. They do not just exist to make my business hum along. I feel very fortunate that I've created a life where I can be someone's employer and also show a big heart...and that those two things are not mutually exclusive. I feel a responsibility towards my employees and I am not afraid to let them know. In fact, I thrive on it.

In my friendships, I bring my heart and soul. And I bear it as well. How else to bring out the best in each other? If you need me, you can count on me. I know we don't live in a world where that skill goes on a resume, but what a world that would be, right? Again, who doesn't want to feel that security from a father or father figure?

Even with my four-legged charges—the dogs who reside as family in my home—I take care of them with as much tenderness as any father can. Believe me, if they had soccer practice, I would be at every match pacing the side lines (and of course, supplying all the kids with a protein-bakery snack).

So, in this day and age, when love continues to blur lines, defy old definitions and cross boundaries, I say—why not celebrate all of us who guide and care for others? 

And as for the ladies who stuck around to the end of this entry, well first, thank you for your open-minds, and second, it is a mother— Madonna— who, I think, sums up that Sunday's best. This Father's Day, express yourself! May we all dream big and be grateful for love. Lots of it.


Stephen Charles Lincoln