How To Muscle In On A Photo Contest

Be true to yourself. Show the world who you are. Embrace everything you can be and bring it to light. Be who you are because no one else can be you! This inspiration has guided me throughout my 14 years of owning The Protein Bakery, by being authentic with who I am, losing the 82 pounds through eating right and hard work, as well as being comfortable in my own body.

Even as my business continues to grow, I never stop thinking about my customers, each one striving to be their own best versions of themselves with their own struggles, no doubt. Baking them delicious protein-packed products remains my focus. So I came up with this idea— a Show Us Your Muscle Contest— to blend those two passions. Actually, three passions because the idea of expressing oneself is crucial too. Being creative, appreciating creativity—to me, that's the human spirit at its most interesting.

As a side note— expressing myself as an adult, started way back in high school. I entered a contest for a college scholarship in fashion design and poof! I won. I also entered the OWN network contest to have my own talk show and was one of the final twenty. Both were opportunities for me to put myself out there. The risk is the reward in my opinion, which is why I had the nerve to get this bakery off the ground.

Now, about that contest I was mentioning.... I am curious and excited to see what all of our loyal fans have up their sleeves.  Who's gonna think of the most outrageous backdrop? Outfit? Hair and make-up? Will someone mimic the statue of David or the statue of Liberty? Or perhaps submit a family photo? Can't wait to see what arrives in the inbox. 

For contest details: visit the Show Us Your Muscle Contest page.

Stephen Charles Lincoln