Fresh-Baked Television!

I finally get to put my thoughts on paper about filming an episode of the Bobby Deen cooking show NOT MY MAMA'S MEALS. What a memorable and wonderful experience. From the moment they called and said they were interested in featuring The Protein Bakery, I knew that this was going to be a great match. To be featured on a television show that uses the mission of The Protein Bakery in every episode for every meal is simply a dream come true. The challenge for me was getting my ducks in a row, so we could be camera ready! 

We were very rapidly outgrowing our original space in Sweet #309, at 20 West 20th Street in NYC. (As in—having to work out in the hallway most days.) So having more room for production had been on my mind. But I had no idea (yet) that being asked to appear on Bobby's show would take my company to such a new and exciting level. After meeting with their producers and seeing what they had in mind, I knew I had to push myself to elevate our brand in ways I'd still been waiting to do. (If there was ever a right time to dream bigger, now was it!) So, with the eye of my visionary brand manager, Keyth Jackson, the bakery ended up being better than what I imagined. In two short months, we found a much larger space on the ninth floor and created a new office and work environment within both— a cool (and bigger) showroom for our baked goods down in Sweet #309 and a test kitchen and more office space in #904. Our test kitchen was used to film some great scenes with Bobby Deen and our newly remodeled 309 (and newly-named "Sweet Spot") got its inaugural visit by the Not My Mama's Meals host! 

From the moment I met both the director and Bobby Deen himself, I knew that we were on the same path—spreading the idea of healthier eating. You know when the energy just clicks? Well, this was a great example of it. Things naturally fell into place. Not only do I feel like I got to show off my company to a great group of people that would do justice to my small business, but I also feel like I made some new friends. Spread the health and the cooking chemistry!

So set your DVR! This coming Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 9pmest will be the first showing of The Protein Bakery on Cooking Channel. To be able to be part of the food community in this way and show off what I have worked on for so long is nothing but an honor and a privilege. And a new benchmark of what I'm determined to live up to, both as a person and as a brand. I am ready for all the doors this may open. This is not just a celebration of my first cookie with muscle— but also a celebration of everyone who's ever purchased a Protein Bakery item, worked for the company, tweeted or Facebook about this company, or just was motivated to live a healthier life. Thank you all and see you on TV. We look forward to seeing you at our new Sweet Spot.

Stephen Charles Lincoln