Chocolate Chip Protein Blondie 6-Pack Gift Bag

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It's light fluffy texture and rich taste make it our customers' favorite. Each naturally delicious bite has scrumptious chocolate chips sprinkled from top to bottom. Taste it for yourself, and see how we turned something with high in whey protein concentrate, wheat flour-free and gluten-free* into an undeniably gourmet treat.

Your order is individually and artfully wrapped in a cellophane gift bag. Starting at our bakery 'til they arrive at their new address, these guilt-free goodies are handled with the utmost care.

(6 blondies)
Protein: 66 grams


$35.50 USD

Baked Fresh Every Day

Baking in small batches from scratch every day since 1999!

Lasts 2 Weeks

We use zero preservatives, so our product stay fresh, two weeks at room temperature.

Last 3 Months Frozen

Don't forget you can freeze them - they make great frozen treats!

Easy Ooey-Gooey

Pop your treat in the microwave for a fresh out of the oven taste.


Why Protein Bakery?

All of our products are baked fresh daily and actually taste like REAL brownies, blondies, and cookies.

Every recipe is wheat flour-free, trans fat-free, and has no gluten.* A key ingredient is rolled oats, which have lots of dietary fiber. Want more? Each bite is packed with lean, mean, muscle-building protein. We choose the finest whey protein concentrate; it's the most efficient form of protein to digest, rich in essential amino acids and helps muscles repair and recover, for optimal health.