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Lemon White Chip Blondie - Protein Bakery
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Lemon White Chip Blondie from The Protein Bakery
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March 20, 2017

Lemon White Chip Blondies - The Protein Bakery

If you're a fan of our Lemon White Chip Blondies -- and who isn't? -- we bring sweet (and tart) news. They're all on sale, 20% off! Stock up now on smooth blondie goodness, a swirl of sweet white chips with a zing of lemon zest. You can freeze 'em fresh for three months. It's our version of March Madness, with muscle! 

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January 08, 2017

Stephen at flagship store

With 2017 now here, I am also "here." At our new flagship store. Every day, I have the pleasure of opening and closing the front gate at 144 W. 19th Street. What a great feeling. It took me by surprise how significant it is for the bakery to have a home base.

Only open a month and already people are walking in, sharing so many Protein Bakery memories. 18 years' worth of moments I'm finally getting to hear first-hand. Like this one:

"I remember you back in '99, just getting started. When you'd walk in to teach class, I was always hoping to see you carrying those two big bakery bags. I knew, if I could make it through the next 50 minutes, there'd be this sweet reward." 

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These wonderful treats arrived! They are so good! So happy I found out about PB! Can't wait to try more of their treats! I recommend you try them out!

- runjefferyrun on instagram

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LemonThis sour citrus fruit is often associated with its tart taste and high acidity level. While lemons exist acidic in nature on its own, they become alkaline when metabolized by the body. As such, consuming lemons will naturally balance the pH level of the body, especially since most western diets tend to produce an acidic-leaning environment in the stomach. The strong antibacterial properties of lemons have been documented since Ancient Egyptian times. Lemons also have a long maritime history that helped made the Age of Exploration possible. Their high vitamin C content makes them a critical stable aboard ships to help ward of sickness. So whether you are a pirate or an entrepreneurial kid with a lemonade stand, lemons are the ingredient of gold.