Elle Magazine calls us "Smart Food"

May 04, 2017Stephen Charles Lincoln

Stephen Charles Lincoln, owner and founder of the Protein Bakery isn't saying his cookies are fat-free or low-cal (though they are trans fat-free and gluten-free) or that they can replace a meal. So why are these yummy treats, made with butter, chocolate chips and peanut butter, on the menu of so many health clubs?

Each cookie contains up to 12 grams of whey protein concentrate, which can help the sudden surge in blood sugar caused by sugar-laden snacks.

"When protein is added to carbohydrate-rich foods, blood sugar rises at a slower rate," says NYC nutritionist Lisa Drayer MA, RD. "Without the sugar high and its subsequent low, you'll be less likely to crave more sugar to lift you back up again." We couldn't resist putting this claim to the test (how often do you get to eat cookies as part of your job?) and are pleased to report we weren't jonesing for more sweets after one (okay, two). Interested snackers can visit proteinbakery.com — Aida Leisenring


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