Fit and Fab Living Says We're Fit AND Fab Snacks

Jul 20, 2014Stephen Charles Lincoln

My biggest downfall when it comes to dieting is, and always will be, sweets. Trust me, if I could find a way to stay fit while living off of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, I'd do it. But we all know, that isn't possible.  

So when I had the chance to sample a box of Protein Bakery, I welcomed it with open arms. Knowing their emphasis on muscle-building protein and all-natural ingredients, I knew their desserts would be healthy alternatives to a bowl of ice cream, but I didn't realize just how healthy they were. All of their recipes are trans-fat-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and wheat flour-free. That's right, each of these snacks has zero gluten and contain 5 times more protein than your usual baked desserts.  

Still, could something that healthy taste any good? 


Once the treats arrived, my co-workers and I immediately taste-tested each one. I was pleasantly surprised that something so healthy could taste so delicious. Each snack was extremely dense and filling. (They use oat flour.) Now clearly, these aren't your grandmother's 1,000 calorie chewy chocolate chip cookies. But that's the founder, Stephen Lincoln's point. He's fresh-baking smart snacks. Not cardboard power bars. 

So, if you're looking for a well-balanced, healthy snack alternative, or even an afternoon protein-boost, these are the perfect snacks for you. Out of every protein snack I've tried, these were by far my favorite.  

Nicely done Protein Bakery, nicely done.


by Michelle McConnaughey


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