Feb 21, 2014Stephen Charles Lincoln

Looking for a healthier chocolate buy?

The Protein Bakery has a brownie (and a blondie, cookie, mini and more) just for you. The New York-based operation, in response to those trendy low-carb, high protein diets has created old-fashioned sweets with reduced carbohydrates, increased dietary fiber and serious protein. Whey protein concentrate, to be precise.

Fans of the real thing, we were skeptical, but the bakery's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies were surprisingly, well chocolaty! And so satisfying.

The company's product line includes several brownies and blondie varieties, along with chocolate, oatmeal flavor and peanut butter flavor cookies. They've even got vegan and low sugar options. 

Protein Bakery's available nationwide and globally on their website proteinbakery.com and at their NYC store 144 W. 19th St., Chelsea.

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