Fresh Press

We Gotchya Slice of New York
Oct 29, 2013
We now make Celebration Cakes in three fresh-baked flavors. Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana. The flavor profile of all three is bananas, frankly. Each slice provides up to 13 grams of protein...
Dance Magazine's Proper Steps To Snacking Include Us
Oct 03, 2013
The Protein Bakery's wide array of fresh-baked snacks bring a greater nutritional balance to art of eating sweets.
Chicago Tunes In To Our Snacks
Sep 27, 2013
Our snacks were spotlighted on the Chicago morning talk-and-entertainment show "You & Me" on WCIU.  We were their "great score" for healthier, great-tasting tailgating parties.
Munch Without Sacrifice. Protein Bakery Offers Healthy Versions of Taboo Treats
Sep 24, 2013
Having a sweet tooth no longer has to be a mark of shame for health-conscious eaters. The Protein Bakery is offering sweet solace for hunger pangs. — Express News
Our Bakery Backs This Very Sound Organization
Sep 12, 2013
We sponsored a benefit for Education Through Music—Los Angeles— an organization that supports low-income students across LA with quality music education.
Aug 10, 2013
December 1999, the time was right. Stephen applies his outlook on life — "do it better, not perfectly"— to a new bakery life. Of his own making.  'Cause everyone deserves a cookie. Why not make it a healthier one?