Nov 25, 2016Stephen Charles Lincoln

These days, whatever any of us are shopping for, it seems more natural to search for it online. To touch a screen rather than take a walk. The more digital your presence, the better.

So why, after 18 years, did I decide to transform the bakery into a brick and mortar store on a street in NYC?

It's not like hasn't introduced me to thousands of incredibly loyal retail customers and wholesale clients. It's not like shipping orders nationwide hasn't been satisfying for this small business owner (me). But the truth is, I've always dreamed of having "a home" for the bakery. I've grappled with this question over the years. Now? Soon? Never? 

Well, it seems you know when you know. And no question, it's time for me to add more "real" to my world. To get to know my neighbors and connect with the neighborhood.

It's time for the bakery to exist off of the internet and on the street.

I want to create a special space for my customers. I want everyone to feel welcome! I want to learn your faces and names and share stories, successes and struggles...over a sweet snack. I want to learn your favorite flavors. And find out which treats are most popular between breakfast and lunch vs. lunch and dinner. To help you shop for a great gift box or outfit a special celebration. Debate whether tonight calls for hitting a dance club, hitting the gym or hitting the hay. 

When I started, back in 1999, I was inspired to create deliciously smart snacks. No one was doing that. Fresh-baked treats that would balance health and fitness. But made better with outstanding flavor. An original. Something memorable. 

For me, this new store is the next logical step in all of that. A hub of positive energy, "fresh-baked" daily by all of us.

I've always been open for that kind of business. I can't wait to share my vision with you. Our Grand Opening Party on December 1st is almost here. And I want you all to be there! But for those who can't visit, I promise to capture the bakery's expanding world, on our website. 'Cause that place will continue to be my first home.

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