Running on Real Food

Apr 01, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

Not so long ago, the thought of questioning what's in your food or how it got to your plate was a subject with few takers. I admit, though my parents loved me dearly, when I was growing up we weren't concerned with artificial flavors, preservatives, fat or trans-fat. But today? Dissecting nutrition labels is second-nature.

I LOVE food. I'm a proud Italian and food is a huge part of my culture. I also happen to come from a family that is not shy when it comes to the generosity of food and community. Growing up, all my friends knew, if you were coming to my house for dinner, you'd better come with an empty stomach. To not do so was to risk missing out on whatever salty, tangy, savory, spicy, palette-pleasing deliciousness would next be heaped on your plate.

Also, I have a sweet tooth, more like— sweet teeth. (I think that's a thing.) Rarely had I met a cake or pie with which I could not find some common ground.

At home is where my own tug-of war with food started. Being 6'3" did not make my struggle any easier.

I needed to satisfy what I love to eat and what I know is good for me. I don't believe in rewarding all your hard work at the gym, yoga studio or whatever you do to keep yourself motivated and healthy, with 24/7 sacrifice. All or nothing shouldn't apply to food. What I do believe in is balance.

No matter what your strategy for achieving it, we all want to feel more centered. For my part, I believe it starts with what's on your plate and what's fueling your body throughout the day.

If you know me, you've heard me say "we all deserve a cookie now and then, why not a healthier one?" I can't tell you how pleased I am to have amended that question to include brownies, blondies, minis, shakes and cakes.

They say knowledge is power. I'm excited to share my knowledge as an innovative baker and a fitness professional as well as the personal experiences that inform my decisions. To live a balanced and healthy life.

That said, I'm also chatty by nature. I welcome your questions, concerns, thoughts. One hand clapping doesn't get the job done. You can email me here or comment on any of our social media pages.

Because I too am a work...and a workout in progress.


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