Feb 23, 2015Stephen Charles Lincoln

Is that right? Is the bakery really celebrating its Sweet 16?

It must be because I have the receipts. Memorable instagram photos, fantastic parties and lots of great feedback on all of our social media platforms—of course we're planning more events all year.

"Grateful" is an understatement. While I know I overuse that word, it could not be more true now. Without #TPBfans we would not have so much to celebrate.

I've always had a big vision for my life and this muscled-up milestone now is part of it. My spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has this great quote— "I can't get depressed on how far I have not gotten in my life, because I'm so impressed with how far I've come." I find this to be more true the older I get. Appreciating life is really the key. Simple as that sounds.

I want The Protein Bakery to leave its mark on the snack world and for the #proteinrevolution to be understood by everyone, everywhere—people deserve a cookie, so why not make it healthier for them? It doesn't have to turn your entire day from good to bad or turn your fitness resolutions meaningless for another year. Your dedication to eating better remains in tact. All you've done is treat yourself to something delicious, all-natural, and protein-packed.

The little things we accomplish matter, especially in a world that loves to tell us "You're doing it wrong."  And why are they "little?" Stay within yourself and appreciate all your steps forward. Focus there. You do the best you can. That is key to a wonderful exhale of bad energy, as simple as that sounds.

So that's what I'm doing as I work towards the next milestone. As I dream my next big dreams for the bakery. You're all getting MY best 110%. Being true to my bakery's brand and true to myself. So, make that 210%. 

To another 16 years and beyond; let's keep crunching the numbers.

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