Some Like It Haute

May 20, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

Have I mentioned how much I love New York?  I heart it til it requires a cardiologist. The city never ceases to amaze me—what I see, hear, and experience...and I'm talking about just on my way to work.

On most mornings, I try to get a workout in. So, there I was programming my Lifecycle machine  when I had an epiphany—the treadmill is a moving catwalk. Before I plugged in my headphones to listen to Madonna, I checked out everyone's exercise "silhouettes." Hot yoga? More like haute yoga.

In this town, you can be a fashion statement or a fashion victim, all before 6 am. Seriously, I'm waiting for a major fashion house to consult on gym equipment. How cool will it be to pick up a kettlebell in heather mint or choose from suspension equipment in sorbet brights? When all the exercise rooms are a page straight out of September Vogue.

I love that New York doesn't take its foot off the gas. Every destination is an opportunity to strut its stuff. Local heart rates demand it, including my own. No wonder the line for a cup of coffee is so long. 

This city energizes me like a bottomless cup.

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