Jul 11, 2016Stephen Charles Lincoln

Stephen Lincoln

I love summer. 

I love riding my bike around the city. I love hearing music coming from a rooftop party, mixed by a DJ with a great groove. I love how New York empties out and you can actually... get a table! I love the extra (very precious) space. I love feeling the sun on my back while I shop at the Union Square Greenmarket. I love having sunlight fill the bakery windows all day. I love helping lost tourists transfixed by a Google Map, unsure if it's left or right to the High Line. I love the way the sand feels on my feet when I walk on the beach. I love the smell of a serious barbecue when I'm seriously hungry. I love taking my dogs to Pier 63, being "pulled" there by their canine energy, so excited by new...everything! I love hearing them finish an entire bowl of water, the moment we're back home. I love "Disco Inferno Night" at The Monster Nightclub, every tuesday in the summer heat. (Honestly, this one is an all-year love.) I love planting myself next to the cool comfort of my A/C, after a long day running errands. I love escaping to Provincetown for a whole week. I love meeting new people on Fire Island. I love being on the Eagle's rooftop with an ice-cold beer in hand, hanging out with new friends in the making. I love working out, free from gym lights and under the clear blue sky. I love when a fire hydrant is flooding water onto the street and kids turn it into their personal aquatic park. I love holding hands, walking up 5th Avenue with a first date on a first date. I love watching free movies in Bryant Park. I love going to SummerStage events in Central Park. The venue is itself a melting pot of cutting-edge culture. I love feeling the warmth from people I meet. Big-hearted, kind-hearted. Many, many kinds of faces, yet all compassionate to one another. That's why summer is sooo damn hot!


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