Feb 12, 2014Stephen Charles Lincoln
These wonderful treats arrived! They are so good! So happy I found out about PB! Can't wait to try more of their treats! I recommend you try them out!

- runjefferyrun on instagram

Their Peanut Butter Lover's Gift Set is calling my name!

- Stephanie

OK I admit it....I may have a Protein Bakery peanut butter Blondie addiction...

- Christine M.

Deliciousness! Doesn't taste like other fake or watered-down tasting GF products.

- Jen S.

Grabbed my breakfast cookies again for the ride to work! They're the best!

- @candie10231

Nothing is more exciting than getting a box from the Protein Bakery filled with incredible goodies!!!!!

- Noelle O.

What a delicious birthday gift! I was intrigued by the company name and was so impressed when I read about them. Loved that I could indulge on something so yummy and not feel guilty about it. The brownies have a lot of protein so they are pretty filling. The presentation of the treats was so cute, I'm definitely a fan!

- Malia R.

I'm not even embarrassed to admit that my delivery I got yesterday is completely gone, between my husband's and my own munchies lol. you guys are awesome!

- Michelle H.

2nd order in less then a week.... think maybe i am addicted ... yep-buts its a healthy addiction!

- Mallory V.

I honestly didn't expect much from the pumpkin brownies. They are usually too sweet, too dark and too spicy in an almost bitter way. However, these are way more than I could have imagined. Every single thing about them is amazing. I cannot wait to get my new batch! I should have ordered more than 5 packages, but I will order again next week.

- Marilyn F.

Absolutely the best protein baked goods I have ever tasted. They are almost too good to be true !!!!

- Salvatore R.

Something about the Protein Bakery makes me feel like I'm having a healthier treat haha. Sure, there is still sugar etc but the gluten free is a major plus for me. And with a little more protein I didn't experience the sugar crash. My favorite is the coconut walnut dark choc chip blondie. And of course I love anything peanut butter.

- Bee B.

Rachael Ray, Oprah Winfrey and Me? Yes we have something in common, a favorite WHEY to enjoy Baked Goods and it’s from Protein Bakery!

- Honestly Mariah (@honestlymariah)

Tired of your lame protein bars? The Protein Bakery's mouth-watering brownies, blondies + cookies are a MUST TRY!

- Spa Week

Perfect Saturday. Black & White Blondie breakfast. Their stuff is sooo good

- Jen (@ftnsgirl)

this is an awesome idea!!

- Davis Gains (@embreyd)

Great finds: xl cookies, brownies & blondies with 6g protein per serving. How great is that!

- Karen Hochman (@TheNibble)

I need your baked goods, and coffee

- David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt)

My god am I craving @proteinbakery cookies! Their bakery products look so damn good!!

- Joe Ward (@JoeWard_97)

Healthy Cookies!!! With #protein at booth 3131 @IFT #IFT14. Delicious and nutritious.

- Virginia Dare (@TheVirginiaDare)

I've got only 2 brownies left from the box you sent me...I'm dreading finishing the box. They're too good!

-Zanna van Dijk

The cookies are great! My staff and I love them. Thank you for the extras you threw in!

- Dina Braun

The cookies & blondie arrived in excellent shape. Having a sweet tooth, I’m able to cut the brownies into 12 or 16 pieces and a bite will satisfy the taste I’m looking for. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! What a blessing it is that I’ve found your company. I will definitely be ordering more.

- Donna Gallant

With heartfelt appreciation, we would like to thank you for your very generous donation... There was not a morsel left. The peanut butter cookies, brownies and blondies were a huge hit! There are simply no words to express how much your support means to us!

- Francesca & Christine, Children’s Skin Disease Foundation

Exercising and eating correctly is essential to the recovery and health of our cancer patients. At the Celebrate Life Foundation, our mission is to eliminate HPV and Cervical Cancer through educational awareness. We are excited to promote Protein Bakery.

- Michelle Hannah, Celebrate Life Foundation

Love, love, love your cookies WAY better than any other cookie out there, regardless of protein/calories, etc.! Congrats on such a wonderful recipe!

- Suzanne Terhorst

I was surfing the web looking for healthy food gifts, and there you were. Your product is really nifty, and the website is incredible! It is fun and fast and a feast for the eyes and ears. The sound loops you use on this site are very tasteful, kind of loung-ie. Very nice work!

- Yvonne Roberts

My mother... recently had a major abdominal surgery the Protein Bakery has helped to nurse her back to health. Your Oatmeal Raisin cookies are one of the few high protein supplements that she has liked! Thank you for all of your help!

- Louis A. Bley M. D.

As the Director of the Jena Wellness Group I am constantly solicited to review and endorse food products. The Protein Bakery’s cookies and brownies are among the highest quality I’ve seen in terms of concept, ingredient choice and sourcing, and dedication to freshness without using preservatives.

- Director of the Jena Wellness Center

Thank you so much for all of your help. Hawaii has a bunch of Oprah fans, and soon to be Protein Bakery fans as well. I appreciate the attention to detail and care that you put into each order placed.

- Kessie Hollister

I received my cookie order from The Protein Bakery today and wanted to let your team know that these are the best cookies that I have EVER had! Thank you so much, I will definitely buy cookies from you again!

- Monteil Gregory

Brownie with Chocolate Chips: I love this great harmony of the crunchiness of Chocolate Chips and moist Brownie with the perfect amount of Chocolate liquor ;D It is such an addictive taste... yummm! This is a perfect desert but amazingly we can get protein at the same time!

- Mihoko Hakata, New York

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie: Usually when a food like ice cream or cookies reads "peanut butter" in the title, I immediately imagine a thick overly sweet gooeyness, so I was thrilled to find instead a delicious chocolate chip cookie with the sophisticated essence of peanut. Thank you, Protein Bakery!

- Brandon Welti, New York

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