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June 18, 2017

You are invited to BURN & BRUNCH June 17, 2017

We recently fueled thecnnekt's fitness-minded "Burn & Brunch." Providing an array of our fresh-baked best for their workout session. Perfect whey to kick off summer. thecnnekt brings enterprising and socially-active women together for unique events like the one we participated in. If you're interested in having us sweeten your business function or special occasion, email us: info@proteinbakery.com

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April 26, 2017

Stephen Lincoln of The Protein Bakery

I love eating REAL food. And here's why I mention it...

People visit our store every day. And every day, I wind up having wonderful conversations about the health benefits baked into our recipes. The blend of key ingredients that make our scrumptious baked goods, exactly that. For me, those exchanges are almost as satisfying as unwrapping a fresh-baked snack.

I'm especially proud we've stuck to our business model, established over 18 years ago: to open a bakery that uses real ingredients and delivers fresh, flavorful goodness. In every bite. And it's worked! We're not just surviving, we're thriving. With an increasing customer-base, expanding retail reach and diverse press coverage.

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These wonderful treats arrived! They are so good! So happy I found out about PB! Can't wait to try more of their treats! I recommend you try them out!

- runjefferyrun on instagram

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LemonThis sour citrus fruit is often associated with its tart taste and high acidity level. While lemons exist acidic in nature on its own, they become alkaline when metabolized by the body. As such, consuming lemons will naturally balance the pH level of the body, especially since most western diets tend to produce an acidic-leaning environment in the stomach. The strong antibacterial properties of lemons have been documented since Ancient Egyptian times. Lemons also have a long maritime history that helped made the Age of Exploration possible. Their high vitamin C content makes them a critical stable aboard ships to help ward of sickness. So whether you are a pirate or an entrepreneurial kid with a lemonade stand, lemons are the ingredient of gold.