The Protein Bakery Shakes

Blondie Shake. Brownie Shake. Cookie Shake.*

That's what's shakin'.

We're expanding our snack-ability and getting ready to quench your appetite. Announcing our new protein-rich (of course) shakes! Satisfy your thirst for our fresh-baked blondies, brownies and cookies. We're excited to offer a new line of Protein Shake starters made with organic ingredients. You add the liquid. Be it water or milk or coffee. Or your go-to mixer. These blends are designed with our protein partner, The System By StacyDrink our bakery best on a daily basis and gain up to 22 extra grams of protein. Along with other essential nutrients. All the while, keeping the sugar count low. Like 3 grams low. Have these shakes on hand and in hand. 

The Blondie Shake flavor is inspired by our rich butterscotch and vanilla cake. The basis of our popular Blondie line. Its ambition is maximum nutrition. Try it with almond milk for a silky scrumptious sip. After sip after sip.  

The Brownie Shake flavor captures the deeply decadent chocolate taste featured in all our Brownie treats. This one comes alive with a pour-over of chilled coffee. It goes down easy, satisfying those "something sweet" cravings.

The Cookie Shake flavor had to feature our classic Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. Our very first flavor is now going "strong" as a drinkable delight. Delivering a peanutty punch, in beverage form.

Feeling inspired? Empty the shake contents, ice and liquid into a blender, along with your favorite Protein Bakery item. Create your own cookies and cream deliciousness. It's a twist (and a purée) on what smart snacking can be. Just desserts by the glass.

* Find the ingredients and nutritional breakdown for all three shakes on our Nutrition page.