Show Us Your Muscle Contest


It's easy! Just take a picture of yourself flexing your protein-packed muscle while holding your favorite Protein Bakery treat(s). Show us your personality. Give it your signature flair. Have fun with it!

Pump up the pixels and you could win a Taste of Protein Bakery. (A $65 value!) Not only are there fresh-baked prizes but we will flaunt your best efforts on all our social media outlets— Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…and, of course, on our website. (When someone gives us a work of art we don't waste it.)

We'll be giving out prizes throughout the year, so you have several chances to win and lots of opportunities to dream up clever and/or kooky poses. Enter as often as you like, but with a new submission each time. No repeats. We want to reward your wildest imagination.

A few ways to enter: 1. simply email your masterpieces with the subject "Show Us Your Muscle Contest" to lincoln@proteinbakery.comInclude your name, address, phone number and anything you want us to know. 2. You can also tweet or 'gram them with the hashtag #showusyourmuscle or #proteinbakery and follow us @proteinbakery, for a chance to win.

No purchase necessary. By entering the contest, you agree to transfer the rights of the image to The Protein Bakery for use in promotions or other related sales material.