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Foodie's Gift Set from the Protein Bakery
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Chocolate Lover's Gift Set from The Protein Bakery
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Brownies and Blondies Gift Set from The Protein Bakery
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Healthy Lover's Gift Set from the Protein Bakery
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December 16, 2014

We have a great eye for baking and also for our visual identity. Check us out on Instagram and follow us for some beautiful food pictures, workout pictures, and the behind-the-scenes of The Protein Bakery. We look forward to seeing what your vision on Instagram is and spreading the health one snapshot at a time.

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The Year of Living Deliciously

December 09, 2014

Show us your muscle

Reflection and gratitude! As 2014 comes to a close (really? already?), I remain humbled by all the experiences my humble bakery has provided. ...This kind of repeating pattern, I can get used to. In the past year I have met people from all over the world that want to eat healthier and live the mission the bakery was inspired by— to do better while living a balanced life. It's in that back and forth where I find purpose and excitement, challenge and inspiration. I am addicted to finding my balance. And because my life is not repetitious, it keeps me on my toes. Which is the point. Be in the moment. That's how I seize the day. By being present....

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honestly didn't expect much from the pumpkin brownies. They are usually too sweet, too dark and too spicy in an almost bitter way. However, these are way more than I could have imagined. Every single thing about them is amazing. I cannot wait to get my new batch! I should have ordered more than 5 packages, but I will order again next week.

- Marilyn F.

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The versatility of ginger as a culinary ingredient is expansive, but its health benefits are even more astonishing. Ginger has been well known for its medicinal properties in Asia for thousands of years. Ginger attributes its healing properties to several compounds, including shogaol, zingerone, and gingerols. Studies have shown that ginger relieves a variety of ailments including inflammation, motion sickness, respiratory issues, and digestive discomfort. Besides existing organically in nature, ginger also beats non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) because it not only blocks the formation of inflammatory compounds, but it also has antioxidant effects that target existing inflammation and the acidity of the fluid within joints. This little herbal root is one of nature's miracles.



Peanut Butter Lover's Gift Set from The Protein Bakery
Peanut Butter Lover's Gift Set $36.50
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Cookies Brownies and Blondies from the Protein Bakery
Munchies Gift Set $56.50
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Assorted Cookie Gift Set from the Protein Bakery
Cookie Assorted Gift Set $50.50
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Brownie Gift set from the Protein Bakery
Brownie Assortment Gift Set $52.50
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