Mar 18, 2016Stephen Charles Lincoln

After an event which changed our country and our city forever, the entire staff of The Protein Bakery came together to do what we could for the rescue and recovery effort. We brought our fresh-baked best down to Saint Paul's Chapel, a few times a week, for the workers, engineers, police and firefighters taking a much needed break from their exhausting shifts at Ground Zero. 

New Yorkers brought supplies of all types to donate. With each visit, you couldn't help but notice more provisions. Til they covered every inch of the chapel. Cots, massage tables and food stations lined the perimeter. That's where we set up shop. 

No sooner did we put out a batch of snacks, they'd be in someone's hands for immediate or future nourishment. Stephen ran the hot food service as well.

The place was filled with love, hope and support. It was an honor to have been even a small part of this special community. Resilience shone through then and it's a part of the city still.

The bakery continues to be a supporter of the work still ongoing through the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

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