We're On the list of Healthiest NYC Bakeries

Mar 27, 2016Stephen Charles Lincoln

(from wellandgood.com)

There are lots of  New York bakeries trying to make oven-hot tasty treats that are better for your long-term health. And we tried them all. (Don't mind the crumbs.)

The best part is that some (some!) of these confectioners meet or beat their conventional counterparts on the deliciousness scale. Who made our list of healthiest bakeries in New York City? We only included full-on bakeries. Here's where to go when your sweet tooth tingles...  


This is the go-to sweet-tooth source for trainers and fitness fanatics. Their fresh-baked goods are gluten-free (made with mainly oat flour) and spiked with whey protein concentrate. (The Peanut Butter Blondie, for example, comes with 16 grams of protein.) And in addition to its “boutique bakery” on West 19th Street, conveniently located in the heart of the Chelsea, its cookies, brownies and blondies are sold at spots like Equinox, Retro Fitness, LA Fitness, Bliss Bowl and Just Salad. 

To be clear: if you're looking for buttery, indulgent baked goods, these are not for you. They taste more like a slightly sweeter, yummier alternative to a protein bar or like a cleaner, healthier version of a packaged brownie (AKA a leaner Little Debbie).  

The Protein Bakery, 144 W. 19th St. NY NY 10011, 212-206-7796  proteinbakery.com


Lisa Elaine Held LISA ELAINE HELD (writer at wellandgood.com)

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