Stephen Lincoln of The Protein Bakery

I love eating REAL food. And here's why I mention it...

People visit our store every day. And every day, I wind up having wonderful conversations about the health benefits baked into our recipes. The blend of key ingredients that make our scrumptious baked goods, exactly that. For me, those exchanges are almost as satisfying as unwrapping a fresh-baked snack.

I'm especially proud we've stuck to our business model, established over 18 years ago: to open a bakery that uses real ingredients and delivers fresh, flavorful goodness. In every bite. And it's worked! We're not just surviving, we're thriving. With an increasing customer-base, expanding retail reach and diverse press coverage. 

I love introducing people who've never heard of us to our product line. Saying proudly that we're higher protein, all-natural, wheat-free, gluten-free and kosher. Made by hand. Enjoy!

So, for those I've yet to meet, who care about what they put in their bodies, why not turn those conversations into a blog? Actually, a foodie-based blog series that focuses on what we do best: baking really good REAL food, like no one else.

Let's start with our star component, protein. We use a high-quality, cold-pressed, whey protein concentrate. Whey protein is the most easily absorbed by the body, helps to maintain lean body mass and builds muscle. It also leaves you feeling fuller longer and gives each of our baked goods a richer, creamier taste. "Bulking up" all our flavors, distinguishing us from the competition.

We're all-natural. Other companies throw this term around, but we take it very seriously. There are no fillers and nothing artificial in our snacks. From the organic light brown sugar to the rolled oats, to every sprinkling of chips and every shred of coconut. Our bakery line measures up. Be it for sale at the highest quality health food store or listed on an upscale dessert menu.

Our recipes contain zero wheat or gluten. Though we're not certified gluten-free, because we share a production facility with other companies. (Which is the only reason there's an allergen alert on our labels.) To that point, we ensure our kitchen is sanitized from top to bottom every time we're in production. There's no gluten or wheat near our food prep. It's spotless. Truly. In all our years of baking, no one has experienced anything but pure deliciousness.

And lastly, we're kosher. Specifically, KOF-K Dairy Kosher. Respecting a tradition of cultures, here and internationally. Another bakery feature that makes us a favorite to a diverse, snack-craving world.

So those are the bakery basics. In the next few blogs, I'll break down each family— cookies, brownies, blondies. (What a sweet family we have.) Highlighting the flavor profiles in all three. The series is destined to be a celebration of guiltless goodness, exclusive to The Protein Bakery. Fresh-baked goods created with balance in mind.

Because everyone deserves a cookie, brownie or blondie... why not enjoy one that's healthier?

Stephen Charles Lincoln