How To Get Your Glitter On

Sep 18, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

One of the things I love about running my bakery is what my customers teach me. 

Like when I opened an email with the subject line: Thank you for my perfect party!  

Turns out, there's an adorable, discerning, newly-minted six-year old named Savannah and we were central to her birthday festivities.

I confess, though I want foodie fans and fitness fiends to enjoy my snacks, I never considered the concept of muscle-building protein...with sparkles.

But Savannah did.

Start to finish, every bit of glitter was accounted for. Her request for dessert was not some pretty-in-pink layer cake. Nope. Cake is sooooo five years old. Turns out, she's obsessed... that is ob—sessed! with our brownies and blondies.

(She will not share a bite, be you family or bestie.)

Savannah got heart-shaped cookie cutters and various shades of frosting and edible glitter (aka disco dust) and went about decorating our snacks. Transforming them into dazzling snack gems. To match her outfit.

Look at these pictures I got! They're both fashion statements that left me speechless. Her vision is as spirited as she is. 

Savannah, you glitter my world, girl.

Now I know— before you can have your sweet sixteen, you gotta have your sweet six. 

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