Our Bakery Gets Its Close-up

Sep 27, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

Add it to my resume: I appeared in an episode of Bobby Deen's "Not My Mama's Meals" on the Cooking Channel. What a memorable and wonderful credit and what a memorable and wonderful experience.

From the moment the producers called and said they were interested in featuring The Protein Bakery, I knew that this was going to be a great match. To be featured on a television show that shares a similar mission of bakery's create healthier versions of classics, be they savory or sweet, but make sure they're delicious was simply a dream come true.

The challenge for me was getting camera ready. 

We were very rapidly outgrowing our original space, maybe sometimes or lots of times, using the hallway... So having more room for production had been on my mind. But I had no idea (yet) that being asked to appear on Bobby's show would take my company to such a new and exciting level. But it was their impending visit that pushed me to expand our space. Create a test kitchen. Create a retail experience for customers all their own. Yes, this was definitely the time. 

In two short months, we found this new environment was designed and built and it looks so awesome! I particularly like the retail space, to have a designated place to chat with customers and let them experience the bakery in real life. Our test kitchen got its sea legs when Bobby Deen and his crew turned their cameras on us.

From the moment I met both the director and Deen himself, we were all on the same page, he's a big whey protein fan: let's highlight "healthy with a twist," share why food choices matter. You know when the energy just clicks? Things naturally fell into place. Not only do I get to show off my bakery best to people who want to showcase my small business, but I also made some new friends. Spreading the health and the comradery.

And then share it on national TV.

To be able to be part of the food & fitness community is nothing but an honor and a privilege. A new benchmark of what's possible for me as a professional and for my bakery as a brand.

All of our hard work is captured in Deen's inaugural visit. It was great to share the achievement with the amazing Not My Mama's Meals host. He even signed our wall: "My favorite WHEY to get protein!"

I'm excited for all the doors this guest spot may open. This is not just a celebration of creating that first "cookie with muscle"— but also a celebration of everyone who's supported my sweet dream. Thank you all.

I look forward to seeing you at our bakery. Let me know what you thought of the show!

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