Why Balance Is My Focus

Oct 24, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

When I started the bakery in 1999, I wanted to take the taste and simplicity of my Grandma's homemade cookies and fuse them with the nutritional balance we all need in our fast paced-lives.

Growing up in an Italian family, food was about celebration, sadly that "celebration" ended up on my waistline! After losing 82 lbs, I realized there was nothing on the market for people like me who enjoy food but understand the need for balance. I've never been one to shy away from flavor or decadence, but this time my commitment to staying healthy would outweigh my sweet tooth. 

It was working as a fitness instructor that made it real for me. How can I advocate for good health and not have a snack solution than the available cardboard-tasting options? I want to keep myself on track and those taking my classes.

In the beginning, all I had was a hand full of recipes and a giant helping of ambition. 

I remember passing out samples to people who took my classes. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces, after tasting my brownies and cookies, was all I needed to confirm I'd found my passion.

The rest as they say is (Protein Bakery) history.  

When demand got too great to work out of my own kitchen, I was lucky to select a family bakery who taught me early the importance of quality products and an eye for detail. (I am all about the details.) For instance, using crushed rolled oats instead of flour allows for increased dietary fiber also reduces carbs. As for the centerpiece— choosing whey protein concentrate— it's the most efficient form of protein to digest, it's not heat-treated which ensures it stays intact and is as pure as it can be and it's rich in glutamine. Ideal for building lean muscle and key for their recovery. 

I also learned the value of using locally sourced, natural ingredients. It makes all the difference. To this day, every snack is made by hand in small batches, with no additives or preservatives.

I think you should be able to satisfy your cravings and your conscience. 

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