Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Dec 04, 2013Stephen Charles Lincoln

This holiday season is already filled with such amazing highlights.

We created our digital gift card and launched it with a great offer for our customers on Cyber Monday, making it our most successful sale to date.

When the bakery does "good", it makes me feel good too. My company is as close to my heart now as it was when I signed the lease on this new chapter of my life. We are linked much more deeply than the paperwork.

I created quite a batch of "good" to accomplish this year. 1. To create a fresh-baked protein-packed snack that's bite-size. Voila the Mini! In four delicious flavors. They're now one of our bestsellers. 2. To expand the work and creative spaces. Because we were getting packed as tight as one of our gift boxes. It evolved into a much needed Sweet Spot— our very cool retail show room to not only display all our treats but a production area to make all our famous gift boxes. Now you can choose your treats in comfort, chat with us and discover the latest bakery news. It's the customer experience I've always had in mind. We also have a test kitchen. Now I'm able to explore new flavors much easier and can invite other creatives in to collaborate. Bobby Deen stopped in to get my opinions on how to bake smart snacks for his show "Not My Mama's Meals" on the Cooking Channel. Two fellow foodies talking shop. What a special opportunity. To have both spaces side by side has been a dream of mine. My mind is known to wander from A to...anything. 3. To revise our website so that it's easier, more intuitive and now includes more content and imagery. For our healthy-minded, curious, snack-savvy customers. 4. To maintain an interesting and unique social media voice that encourages people to express themselves. That is really why we have those accounts. I want to hear from you guys! These recipes are nothing without your opinions and feedback.

"Adding balance to your life everyday" will always be my number one focus. That's why I started this bakery, to take control of my food issues.

All these many years later, creating and refining this bakery niche has brought me more gifts than I could ever imagine. 

Spread the health. Let's keep making it fun!

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