Feb 05, 2016Stephen Charles Lincoln

I love my life.

I love when it snows in New York City. I love a perfectly tied bow on top of a gift tin. I love texts from my family. I love the way my dog Elphaba looks at me every morning. I love the way my other dog, Salty Pretzel snuggles close to me all night long. I love when the bakery is empty and there's a full stack of orders waiting to go out. I love good lighting. I love when a warm rain washes all the snow away. I love laughing so hard my face hurts. I love designing a new T-shirt. I love that spiced-up kick in my Ginger Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. I love believing in hope. I love seeing Idina Menzel on Broadway. I love live theater. I love honesty. I love when New York City is quiet. I love a fresh haircut. I love having no debt. I love sweating in front of people when teaching group fitness. I love striving to do better. I love democracy. I love when my life is in balance. I love feeling the sun on my face. I love clothes that fit. I love my mustache. I love my mom and dad. I love holding the elevator for someone. I love a woman who knows how to walk in high heels. I love a well-thought-out email. I love the Protein Bakery store. I love a good workout. I love good design. I love being challenged. I love striving for excellence. I love a walk down the Westside Highway with my dogs. I love planning a summer vacation. I love going back home to San Francisco. I love my friends that I still have from high school. I love the years I spent doing visuals at the Gap and at Benetton. I love being understood. I love making my bed every morning. I love vacuuming. I love meditating. I love constructive feedback. I love the Protein Bakery website. I love a newly washed car. I love a movie that makes me think. I love NPR. I love everyone who works so hard baking Protein Bakery items. I love Central Park. I love the Staten Island Ferry. I love a good deal. I love being a Leo. I love chocolate. I love Madonna, live in concert. I love Wicked. I love my handwriting. I love learning a new dance. I love New York City night life. I love finally getting to know people that I've seen in the neighborhood for years. I love everyone who's ever taken one of my fitness classes. I love my view of the Empire State Building from my bedroom. I love you for reading this blog. 

But most of all, I love myself.

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