Dec 04, 2015Stephen Charles Lincoln

When it comes to the bakery, for me, it goes whey beyond the snacks on the shelf.

I'm thankful to everyone who has a sweet tooth and chooses us for their healthy indulgence. Recipes that are only getting more tasty and more balanced because we're never satisfied; we're always striving for "even better."

I'm grateful I can direct my creative energy towards something this personal, a scratch-made, small business. I value all the people that have worked for the bakery throughout these many years to make my dream a reality. Humbled by the impact we’re making worldwide. Thrilled that we've been recognized on TV, in magazines and online by some of the top media giants in the world and some of the most renowned fitness and foodie experts.

Forever wowed by all the wonderful feedback from people I meet. Fresh-baked goodness fans abound. So excited to expand my business into new markets. (Stay tuned for specialty products launching in the year ahead!) And over the moon, that I run a company I continue to believe in with all of my heart. But my biggest thanks go to you, for helping make the bakery such a positive force in my life.


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