Summer Slim Down

Jul 22, 2015Stephen Charles Lincoln

Stephen's Summer Slim Down

July is my STEP UP SLIM DOWN anniversary! Twenty-three years of adding healthy balance to my life. My struggle to lose 82 lbs and live better will always be a touchstone for me. It's why I get so much joy watching others take their fitness seriously and have a good time doing it. Creating a space where people focus on themselves and put their bodies in motion—I hope to do it for many years to come. 

One of my current health goals focuses on bulking up while getting leaner. I wanted to push myself to reach that peak. To get back in touch with the feelings I had when I started my transformation—23 years ago. 

The way fate can be, I recently got a call from Mario, at Pittsburgh Cleanse, because he loves the bakery. We're his ideal solution to satisfy a sweet tooth and curb hunger. Our snacks are now part of his cleanse process. He convinced me to try his program and generously volunteered to be my coach. The progress I've made has had a profound effect. Both physically and mentally. It was one of those watershed moments I'd been working so hard to achieve myself. Mario's expertise and support was key. 

It's a separate story, but I want to take a moment (as in, this short paragraph) to point out, getting outside your head can really make a difference in your progress. Whether it's reaching out for guidance or asking for encouragement. Make your goals a conversation, rather than a monologue, can push you past a plateau. 

So, back to my latest personal challenge...

Within Week 1, the cleanse was affecting how my clothes fit. Such a great feeling, when that happens. So, of course, I went shopping. And with new vigor. (Bonus cardio.)

Week 3 is when other people took notice: "Stephen, you look so much younger. What have you been doing?” "How did you lose all the weight, Stephen?" It reconnected me with that thrilling feeling of being able to motivate oneself. I teach it in class; it's nice to preach it to myself. 

Taking ownership of one's life is filled with empowering surprises. I cannot tell you how much I value this new pep in my step. 

My tally after 30 days was 21 pounds lighter in my body. And it feels like my mind lost just as much weight. I have all this energy to channel into the bakery and my personal life. Fresh ideas, new possibilities.

The upside of shaking things up is… allowing for more upside.

The cleanse is now a part of my life. It's enabled me to "wake up" in ways I didn't expect. I wish that feeling for everyone. 

If you want more details about the program, please email me directly. 

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