Lemons Are The New Lemonade

Apr 04, 2014Stephen Charles Lincoln

I am not one to complain about the weather. Being raised in Northern California, the good days definitely outweighed the bad. Considering I did not move to the East Coast until I was 26, the majority of my life has been surrounded by much better weather than not. It's a source of endless conversation, but I had not been obsessed with trying to figure it out, that is until this year...

This is not news to most of the country, but I have to say it one more time: this winter was (it is past tense now, right?) simply brutal!

It was relentlessly relentless. Everyone seemed to be as chilly as the temperature as well. I'm getting in a bad mood just thinking about it again. I walked with my head down to avoid looking at "it" directly in the eye. I discovered what I needed to do to distract myself—working out, staying home with my dogs, and catching up on my TV must-haves and movies. But I missed walking just to walk. Instead I was hiking across Switzerland-like snow banks or wading through Great Lake-sized slush pools. Its severity made me feel trapped, stuck and stuck internally. With not much light (or heat) outside, it was difficult to focus on the bakery's life or my personal life.

The dead of winter? Yeah, I get it. I totally get it….

Thankfully, there was a refreshing idea that kept blinking like a light bulb. Oddly, it was a lemon of an idea. This little gem of golden light would pop into my head. It seemed warm, sunny and ironically, sweet. Now I was missing them too. They're the perfect answer to combat my winter's discontent.

So I'm happy to say—I'm kicking off Spring by bringing back the zesty zing of our Lemon White Chip Blondie starting today. Whatever April showers are in store, I say, "so what." Sweet and tart in perfect balance makes for the perfect treat.

Spring has sprung at the bakery. Partake in a celebration of lemon sunshine. Its flavors will fill our shop and your snack cravings. Shake off the winter blues with something yellow.

I hope Spring and Summer behave themselves. It's time to relax and chill out (the right way). 


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