The Bakery Blog

Taking an Enjoy Ride
Aug 08, 2014
...And it brought me to this realization—there's no time like the present to do what brings you joy. Just ask Dorothy. She spent 90 minutes looking for the Emerald City only to learn there's no place like home.
Face Time in Real Time
Jun 05, 2014
...The internet can't replace what's out there in real life. I feel it's up to us to make sure we keep that in our lives. So please…if ever you're in NYC, visit the bakery. Let's meet and make a connection.
Lemons Are The New Lemonade
Apr 04, 2014
I'm kicking off Spring by bringing back the zesty zing of our Lemon White Chip Blondie starting today. Whatever April showers are in store, I say, "so what."  Partake in a celebration of lemon sunshine...
Show Us Your Muscle Contest
Mar 02, 2014
Self-expression is captivating. It energizes and excites me. And that is how and why I came up with this new bakery contest. It's our "SHOW US YOUR MUSCLE" contest. It insists on your creativity. And your reward? It's pretty sweet...
A Life Audit
Jan 18, 2014
Here's to you finding great adventures in your own life and bringing them to the forefront. May the new year inspire you to focus on what makes you happy. Who knows, maybe you and I will cross paths as we journey forward. I hope so.
Thinking Outside the Gift Box
Dec 04, 2013
This holiday season is already filled with such amazing highlights. When the bakery does "good", it makes me feel good too. My company is as close to my heart now as it was when I signed the lease on this new chapter of my life. We are linked much more deeply than the paperwork...