The Bakery Blog

Why Balance Is My Focus
Oct 24, 2013
I think you should be able to satisfy your cravings and your conscience. 
Our Bakery Gets Its Close-up
Sep 27, 2013
Add it to my resume: I appeared in an episode of Bobby Deen's "Not My Mama's Meals" on the Cooking Channel. What a memorable and wonderful credit and what a memorable and wonderful experience.
How To Get Your Glitter On
Sep 18, 2013
I confess, I never considered the concept of muscle-building protein... with sparkles.
Working Out the Kinks
Jul 31, 2013
I got started teaching fitness classes because I wanted to help people as I had helped myself. The challenge was to work out to your personal best, not to just show up. I continue to look for ways to recapture that feeling.
Spinning is for Cycling
Jul 02, 2013
Feeling crazy vs. being crazy. There are definitely days when I forget there's a difference. But I'm sane enough to know if I just count to ten, my "whirled" spins back into my "world."
Pop and Circumstance
Jun 04, 2013
To the fathers out there— I think we all have a little Pop* to give.  *Please don't think this blog entry won't speak to you. I too am not someone's biological dad, yet I totally feel like a father figure to many people (and even some pets).